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Strimzi Kafka CLI: Managing Strimzi in a Kafka Native Way

By mabulgu / August 25, 2020

Apache Kafka today, is a popular distributed streaming technology providing pub/sub mechanism, storing, and processing streams in a distributed way. As Kubernetes becomes more and more popular day by day, it is inevitable for a technology like Apache Kafka to run on Kubernetes platform natively. Using some capabilities of Kubernetes like Operator Framework or Statefulsets, […]


System Craftsmanship: Software Craftsmanship in the Cloud Native Era

By mabulgu / May 20, 2020

As software people like to find bugs in the software systems, they also tend to find the anomalies or bugs in the processes and fix them or propose other ways; other procedures. This is because of an instinct that continuously pushes them to find the best: continuous improvement. For a long time, there have been […]

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