Bootstrap Kafka on Kubernetes (Strimzi) with Just 5 Commands

1 – Install Strimzi Kafka CLI

sudo pip install strimzi-kafka-cli

2 – Create project namespace on Openshift/Kubernetes

oc new-project kafka

3 – Install Strimzi Kafka Operator

kfk operator --install -n kafka

4 – Create Kafka Cluster

kfk clusters --create --cluster my-cluster -n kafka

5 – Create a Kafka topic

kfk topics --create --topic my-topic --partitions 12 --replication-factor 3 -n kafka -c my-cluster

Let’s try it out!

kfk console-producer --topic my-topic -n kafka -c my-cluster
kfk console-consumer --topic my-topic -n kafka -c my-cluster

Special thanks to Timecop1983 for the great music!

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About the author

Aykut Bulgu

Aykut Bulgu, a Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat, working on Apache Kafka and Strimzi. Previously, he worked as a software engineer, consultant, and trainer. Aykut worked on many enterprise projects—mainly Java™—and used many open source projects including Red Hat® JBoss® middleware.