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Change Data Capture with CockroachDB and Strimzi

By Aykut Bulgu / June 13, 2022

Dealing with data is hard in the Cloud-native era, as the cloud itself has many dynamics, and microservices have their unique data-relevant problems. As many patterns emerge after dealing with similar problems over and over, technologists invented many data integration patterns to solve those data-related problems. Change Data Capture (CDC) is one of those data […]


Strimzi Kafka CLI Version Update (Strimzi 0.26.1 – 0.28.0)

By Aykut Bulgu / March 26, 2022

Hi everyone. I recently updated the Strimzi Kafka CLI to the following Strimzi versions: Strimzi 0.26.1 (for AMQ Streams 2.0.1) – 0.1.0a60 Strimzi 0.28.0 (latest) – 0.1.0a61 Note that 0.1.0a61 is the latest version and Strimzi CLI is still in alpha state. If you are using AMQ Streams 2.0.1, then install Strimzi CLI as follows: […]


Installing Strimzi CLI with Homebrew

By Aykut Bulgu / October 5, 2021

It has been a while since a friend of mine asked if Strimzi CLI can be installed with Homebrew. I had to answer by saying “No” that time. But now my friend, we have the Homebrew installer:) I had been thinking that using the Python package installer is enough because any OS can have Python […]


A Cheat Sheet for Strimzi Kafka CLI

By Aykut Bulgu / August 31, 2021

TL;DR: You can download the Strimzi CLI Cheat Sheet from this link if you are curious about Strimzi CLI capabilities and want a kind of quick reference guide for it. It is a little bit more than one year since I first announced Strimzi Kafka CLI; a command-line interface for Strimzi Kafka Operator. It was […]

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