Installing Strimzi CLI with Homebrew

It has been a while since a friend of mine asked if Strimzi CLI can be installed with Homebrew.

I had to answer by saying “No” that time. But now my friend, we have the Homebrew installer:)

I had been thinking that using the Python package installer is enough because any OS can have Python and pip and so the CLI. After some time, I changed my mind since these package managers are just tools that people might be a bit fanatic of.

So why not start to support other package managers? Asking this question to myself, I decided to start with Homebrew because macOS (and Mac itself) is pretty popular among developers.

To install Strimzi CLI with Homebrew, first, you need to add the `tap` of the package:

brew tap systemcraftsman/strimzi-kafka-cli

Then you can run the `brew install` command for Strimzi CLI:

brew install strimzi-kafka-cli

The installer will check whether you have Python 3 on your machine or not and install it if it does not exist.

Here is a short video that I demonstrate how to install Strimzi CLI with Homebrew.

More curious about Strimzi CLI? Check out the Strimzi Kafka CLI Cheat Sheet to explore Strimzi Kafka CLI capabilities at a glance!

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About the author

Aykut Bulgu

Aykut Bulgu, a Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat, working on Apache Kafka and Strimzi. Previously, he worked as a software engineer, consultant, and trainer. Aykut worked on many enterprise projects—mainly Java™—and used many open source projects including Red Hat® JBoss® middleware.